Blackwoods Botanical Vodka

Blackwoods Vodka is a five times distilled grain vodka.
after distilation the vodka is infused with hand picked
Shetland botanicals.

Blackwoods Botanical Vodka

Blackwoods Botanical Vodka is a five-times distilled grain vodka. We then gently steep handpicked Shetland botanicals in the vodka using the 'Bonification' method. This produces a crisp, clean and exceptionally smooth tasting spirit.

Enjoy your Blackwoods Botanical Vodka chilled, over ice or as a base in your favourite vodka cocktail.


Alc % vol - 40 | Content (cl) - 70 | Bottles Per Case - 6




Bronze Medal
2014 San Francisco Worlds Spirits Competition
2014 San Francisco World Spirits Packaging Competition