Jago’s Vanilla Vodka Cream Liqueur

A premium liqueur made using pure scottish cream, Blackwood’s
Premium Nordic Vodka and natural vanilla from Madagascar

Jagos Cream Liqueur

Jagos is the first vodka based cream liqueur in the world with a delicate vanilla cream flavour made with pure natural whole cream.

Jagos was developed by Tom Jago (creator of Baileys), with a lot of experience behind him he didn’t want to just replicate his original creation he wanted something unique so he went back to the basics. What makes a cream liqueur so delicious is whole cream, finest natural vanilla and purest alcohol, so that’s what he created. Jagos has a contemporary and stylish pale cream colour with a luxurious mouthfeel and unforgettable vanilla flavour. Ideal on its own, over ice or as a cocktail ingredient.

Alc % vol: 17% | Content (cl): 70 | Bottles Per Case: 6

Minty Bitch

Martini glass

50ml JAGO’s Vanilla Vodka Cream
Handful of fresh mint

Muddle mint in a shaker, add ice and JAGO’s then shake hard for 15 seconds.
Serve in a cold Martini Glass and garnish with a strawberry.


Martini glass

30ml JAGO’s Vanilla cream liqueur
15ml Blackwood’s Premium Vodka
15ml Butterscotch liqueur

Shake over ice. Pour into a martini glass that has been drizzled with melted chocolate and refrigerated. Garnish with chocolate shavings.
Rahman Lal, Bar Manager, Raffles Singapore


Add a dash of JAGO’s Vanilla Vodka Cream Liqueur to one shot of espresso
and add sugar if desired.